The 5 best reasons to rent a Recybac container

Are you carrying out construction or renovation work? You will surely need a container to store your waste! Here are the best 5 reasons to choose a Recybac container.

1. Ensure good management of site waste

A construction site, it’s obvious, generates a lot of pollution and waste. It is therefore important to carry out sound management of construction site waste: it is quite simply a question of safety and respect for neighbors and workers. Moreover, the Act respecting occupational health and safety provides for certain articles relating to the management of waste on the construction site. Some municipal laws require construction contractors to pollute as little as possible. Do the dumpster rental Recybac helps to ensure good management of construction site waste, and, therefore, to ensure the respect and safety of everyone around you!

2. Not worrying about transporting waste

Depending on the size of your project and the nature of your renovations, the city's household waste collection service will not accept to collect your trash. You will therefore have to bring your garbage yourself to the nearest ecocenter. However, this exercise can be long, costly and tedious. In addition to having to rent the appropriate vehicle, you must sort the materials yourself at the ecocenter, in addition to paying the rate for construction materials, i.e. a rate of 25 $/m³. In addition, on the island of Montreal, only the LaSalle ecocenter allows more than 15 visits per year.

Recybac takes care of waste transport. However, you do not have to worry about sorting materials, or the hours and prices of ecocenters. Focus on what you do best!

3. Make sure you do business with a conscientious environmental team

By dealing with the professional Recybac team, you know that your waste will be sorted carefully. In other words, anything that can benefit from a second life will benefit from a second life, and what can be recycled will be recycled. However, only unusable waste will end up in the municipal landfill.

By using Recybac, you give Mother Nature a helping hand!

4. Benefit from flexible hours

The Recybac team works hard to offer you the most flexible service possible! Simply make an appointment a few hours in advance to receive the container suited to your needs. Delivery is Monday to Saturday from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. This schedule is much more advantageous than that of Quebec ecocenters!

5. Save time and money

Finally, why do business with Recybac? Quite simply because a quick call will save you a lot of time and money! Indeed, thanks to the Recybac “turnkey” service, you do not have to worry about managing site waste. Don't like cleaning? Also take advantage of the construction debris collection service!

Call Recybac today to find out about their solutions adapted to your work!

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