The odyssey of the Recybac container

Recybac, if you're not yet aware, specializes in container rental across the Montreal region. Mainly used to dispose of construction debris, these containers help hundreds of contractors each year manage waste on their construction sites while allowing them to make their work greener. This is the odyssey of Recybac container, from our yard to the ecocenter!

First step: delivery

Monday, 8 a.m.: Recybac receives a call. A construction contractor needs a 10 cubic yard container for four days for the renovation of a kitchen in a bungalow in Montreal. As soon as asked, immediately delivered. With delivery within four hours, the customer will have their container delivered in the morning so they can begin their renovations as soon as possible. So we load one of our 10 cubic yard containers located in our yard located on the South Shore and presto! Direction: Montreal. Obviously, with Monday morning congestion the journey may take a few minutes longer…

Second step: filling

10 a.m.: we are finally at the right address! We meet the customer who asks us to place the container in the automobile entrance. Our driver is very careful not to damage anything around the house. What luck: the practical dimensions of the container ensure it fits perfectly inside the car entrance. Our delivery man then leaves. In the coming days, the container will be a useful ally to carry out waste management on the construction site. It will remain at this location until Thursday.

Third step: the ecocenter

Thursday noon: the renovations are completed and the container is full. The delivery man comes to pick him up. Direction: theecocenter of the room. Indeed, construction materials should not be thrown into landfill. It is therefore necessary to go to the ecocenter and sort recyclable materials from disposable materials. This allows materials that are still useful to benefit from a second life while reducing landfill in garbage landfills.

Fourth step: returning home

Thursday evening, the container is empty. So we bring it back to square one, at Recybac. It will once again be stored in the yard and will wait patiently to be delivered to its destination once again.

To meet our recycling stars, contact Recybac today!

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