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Sale and collection of Recybag recycling bags in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore.

A practical, economical and environmentally friendly solution for managing your construction site waste.
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The RECYBAG is the perfect solution for all types of small jobs. Whether for garage cleaning, garden cleaning or a small renovation, RECYBAG is the solution for getting rid of your bulky materials at a low cost.

  • Fill it from virtually anywhere on your land or job site
  • Pay less for your small quantities than a standard container
  • Receive your bag by priority post
  • Take advantage of an eco-friendly solution with shipping by post
  • No time limit for filling

2 sizes available:

3 Yards
5 Yards

How it works

You buy your RECYBAG via our website or by calling us. The bag and collection are billed at the same time.


Your RECYBAG is sent to you by priority post.


You take the time you want to fill your RECYBAG. You have no time limit to respect.


You call us when the RECYBAG is ready to be picked up and we will pick it up as soon as possible.


1000 kg maximum

The maximum weight not to be exceeded is 1000kg or 2000 pounds. If this weight is exceeded our crane will not be able to pick up your recybag.
This is why you should not put more than 6 inches of concrete, dirt, brick or asphalt in the bottom of the bag.

72 inches minimum

To be able to access the Recybag with ease, 72 inches of access is required for the machinery.

For example: A fence gate, a cedar hedge etc.

Rejected materials

Asbestos • propane tank • tires • oil • paint • solvents • chemicals • contaminated soil • large quantities of dirt, brick, concrete, asphalt.

Absolutely on the ground

The Recybag must absolutely be placed on the ground. It should not be placed on a balcony or any other high structure.

Recybag foldable containers

Recybag is your folding bag container rental solution in the greater Montreal region, North Shore and South Shore!

At recybac we offer a rental service for foldable bagged containers adapted to your specific needs. Whether for a few days or an unlimited period, our flexible pricing allows you to pay only for the amount of materials you need to dispose of. We understand that individual projects can vary in size, which is why our service is specifically designed to meet the demand for small quantities of materials during construction, renovation or tidying projects.

Thanks to our range of foldable bagged containers, you benefit from a practical and compact solution for managing your construction waste, renovation waste or simply to save
space when storing. Our goal is to make the rental process as simple and efficient as possible for our customers in the greater Montreal area, the North Shore and the South Shore. We understand the importance of ease of use and flexibility for our retail customers, which is why we are committed to providing a first-class service every step of the way.

Contact us today to find out how our collapsible bagged containers can simplify your next project. With Recybag, you have the assurance of benefiting from a tailor-made solution, personalized to meet your storage needs, in a practical and economical way.

Collapsible containers for contractors

Recybag is your trusted partner for the service of foldable bag containers in the greater Montreal region, North Shore and South Shore!

For contractors working on small projects, efficient management of materials and waste is essential. At Recybac, we understand the importance of having a practical solution adapted to your specific needs. This is why we provide you with a service of foldable bagged containers, perfectly suited for small projects.

Whether for a home improvement project, landscaping work or any other business requiring a compact waste management solution, our collapsible bagged containers are designed to meet your needs. We are proud to offer you practical, flexible bagged folding container solutions adapted to your space and budget constraints.

Thanks to our strategic locations in the greater Montreal region, the North Shore and the South Shore, we are able to provide you with fast and efficient service, so that you can concentrate on carrying out your projects with complete peace of mind. We are committed to providing you with a hassle-free rental experience, with easy access to collapsible bagged containers specifically suited to your small projects.

Contact us today to find out how our collapsible bagged container service can simplify the management of your materials and waste for your small projects. At Recybac, we are here to offer you tailor-made waste management solutions, adapted to your needs as an entrepreneur, with quality customer service at every stage.

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