Looking for a container rental service on the South Shore of Montreal? If you are an amateur or professional construction contractor in the Longueuil area and its surroundings
rent your Recybac container
container right now. At Recybac, we offer a container rental service. A perfect solution for the disposal of your construction site waste and residual materials. Thanks to our team of experts, you will not only have access to advice that is perfectly suited to your situation, but also :

  • A container of the appropriate size for the volume of waste to be disposed of;
  • An à la carte rental period, short, medium or long term depending on the progress of the project;
  • Delivery of your inert and industrial waste to regional sorting centers for recycling and reuse;
  • A reservation service available 7 days a week;
  • Installations and pick-ups from 6am to 8pm Monday to Friday with fast delivery service in 4 hours;
  • Competitive prices.

Montreal regions served for container rental

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6 H to 20 H every day

Note that you can order online at any time.

Recybac: who are we?

For many years, Recybac has been offering a container rental service throughout the South Shore region, including Longueuil. We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as the number one reference in container rental. We offer our services for different types of projects:

Whether you are an individual or a professional, our service is adapted to your needs and we will find the appropriate solution related to your request. Depending on the amount of waste and construction materials you have, we have several sizes of dumpsters:

  • 10 yard containers;
  • 14 yard containers;
  • 18 yard containers;
  • 20 yard containers;

We also have different specialized containers (mini containers) for different materials and waste: asphalt, concrete, earth and brick and mortar. Consult our
price guide for container rental

In addition to offering our container rental service throughout the South Shore, we transport all materials and waste to various sorting centers. This is to optimize the recyclable materials and their subsequent use.

What can I put in the container?

Take the time to inform yourself in order to avoid unpleasant surprises with regard to the
list of materials accepted in the containers
. Certain materials, dry materials and
hazardous waste
Some materials, dry materials and hazardous wastes, such as biomedical waste and chemicals, are prohibited, while others are larger and require special containers to be rented.

Prohibited items include computers, piles, pesticides, air conditioning controls and contaminated products.

Some bulky items, such as shoes, mattresses and large appliances, are allowed, but may require an additional fee.

Renting a container on the South Shore has never been easier!

In order to offer you an exceptional service, we rent out our different containers for varying lengths of time depending on your needs. Moreover, whether it is for the installation of the container or for the removal of the waste container, our intervention times are always fast. Thanks to an efficient infrastructure on the South Shore, but also in the North Shore and in Montreal, we are able to drop off and pick up the container with great dexterity while providing a fast service.

In order to offer an exceptional service, we propose a set of advantages to offer you a complete service and a customized solution:

  • Several volumes and choices of containers to suit your needs;
  • Flexibility on the duration of your container rental;
  • Revalorization of your waste thanks to the routing of these towards a sorting center;
  • A fast service with an installation in only 4 hours;
  • A possibility of reservation 7 days a week;
  • Competitive pricing tailored to your needs;
  • Do not hesitate to contact us to reserve to reserve your container, one of our experts will be happy to answer you!

Cities served for container rental on the South Shore


La Prairie