Recybac, ready to serve you this winter

The summer season is well and truly over and many people are putting away their construction tools to take out the shovel and snow blower. But do we have to put our construction and renovation projects on hold during the winter? In fact, it is possible to maintain certain activities during the cold season, and Recybac remains open all year round to offer you the best service. dumpster rental services from the Montreal region. Here's how Recybac can be useful to you this winter!

The spring cleaning

Sometimes we need to do a big cleaning. Although spring is generally the ideal season for this exercise, certain factors may force us to have to get rid of our old stock in the winter. We only have to think of a move or a death, for example. Additionally, some people prefer to take advantage of spring and summer to have fun in the sun: doing tedious chores during the winter is a brilliant idea!

Recybac containers are ideal for hassle-free major cleaning. Simply throw the materials inside the container and the Recybac team takes care of the transport to the ecocenter or sorting center. Your cleaning will be finished quickly!

Interior renovations

Do you want to change the cabinets in your kitchen or renovate your bathroom? Winter is ideal for this type of renovation! In fact, during the winter season, it is possible to find discounts on materials and labor. In addition, as the demand for contractors is lower, it is possible to receive service more quickly if you deal with professionals. Finally, as Recybac is also operational during the winter, you don't have to take your materials to the ecocenter... practical, especially if you want to stay warm during your renovations!


Although it is generally recommended to start your insulation work in the fall, it is never too late to find out what is wrong with your insulation. By renting an infrared camera for cold weather, you will be able to know where cold air is entering the home. Temporary solutions exist to alleviate the situation. For example, it is possible to insulate the contour of a door with adhesive insulating tape. For windows, insulating plastic film is an economical way to prevent the entry of cold air. Finally, for cracks on walls and window edges, temporary caulking is your best friend for filling the holes. We must remember that these solutions are temporary. For best results, change your faulty doors and windows in the spring!

Need a helping hand during the winter? Recybac will help you, rain or shine! Contact our experts today to find out the right container for your work!

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