Four tips to simplify your spring cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, spring cleaning. Yes, I know: for some, this annual cleaning is a tedious chore and many of you would happily do without it. However, there are some very simple tips to simplify your life and finish as quickly as possible. Equipped with the right tools and a Recybac container, you can spend the rest of your time basking in the sun during the rest of the summer!

1. Use the right tools

Spring cleaning is done so much faster with the right tools and household products. Before you begin, equip yourself with wipes and sponges. Next, obtain the necessary cleaning products, such as all-purpose cleaners, bath cleaners, window cleaners, wood cleaners, etc. Furthermore, vinegar or baking soda can also work miracles while allowing you to save on more expensive cleaning products.

2. Clean up in an orderly manner

Cleaning doesn't just happen. To make it as effective as possible, establish a schedule. Before you begin, establish a timeline and make sure you stick to it. First, get rid of anything you no longer need. To do this, you can rent a container, organize a garage sale or approach charities. With the new space thus created, you will be able to put away everything that is lying around. Next, dust and wash all surfaces, ceilings and walls. Finally, vacuum and, finally, mop. This way, your cleaning will be efficient and quick.

3. Use positive reinforcement with your children and teenagers

If you think spring cleaning is a grueling chore, your children and teenagers are even more unmotivated than you. To make them more effective, use positive reinforcement. Indeed, by giving them a prize once their work is well accomplished, they will redouble their enthusiasm. This prize could be, for example, a pizza party, a video game, treats, etc. It's a very small investment for a job well done!

4. Reserve a Recybac container

Some bulky materials and objects may not be sold or donated to charity. However, they must be taken directly to the sorting center. However, this operation can be complex, especially if you do not own a truck or trailer. To make your life easier, rent a Recybac container. You can easily get rid of most of your bulky household waste as well as your household appliances in a jiffy. By taking the trouble to reserve your container, you will be able to receive it as soon as your spring cleaning begins. Once the cleaning is finished, all you have to do is call the Recybac team and they will leave with the container. You do not have to go to the sorting center or sort your waste.

By following these few tips, your spring cleaning will be finished quickly, guaranteed!

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