Four tips to remember when undertaking the repair of your roof yourself

Now that spring is well and truly established, it is time to take advantage of the sun and the warmer weather to carry out some renovations on your house. Among the most expensive maintenance work, we certainly find the repair of the roof. To save costs, some decide to undertake the task themselves. Here are four tips for successfully completing your work without a hitch.

Choose the right material for your roof

Although there are several types of roofs, asphalt shingles are the ones most used in Quebec. Indeed, it has the advantage of being light and resistant to temperature variations, snow and ice. Additionally, it is a relatively inexpensive material. Again, there are several types. Fiberglass shingles, also called compound shingles, are preferred because they are lighter and more resistant than traditional organic shingles. Additionally, if your roof has a gentle slope, it is best to opt for a three-tab shingle. However, if the inclination is steep, it is preferable to opt for architectural shingles.

Get the right tools

Renovating your roof requires a few tools. If you're going with asphalt shingles, you'll first need to get a shingle scraper. Then, to install your new roof, you must have a pneumatic nailer or a roofing hammer as well as 1¼”, 1½” and 1¾” galvanized nails.

Plan a way to get rid of your debris

Getting rid of your old shingle is no easy feat. Traditionally, you have to rent a truck and take them yourself to the municipal ecocenter. However, to make your life easier, you can rent a container Recybac if you live in Montreal, on the South Shore or on the North Shore. This way, you only have to throw the shingles inside so that our team will take care of taking them and sorting them at the ecocenter.

Take care of your safety

Site safety is very important. It’s about your security! First, put on rubber soles. Then, strap yourself in with a safety harness, on any roof. Finally, if the roof has a steep slope, you opt for scaffolding.

For all your construction materials recycling needs, call us today at Recybac, the reference par excellence in container rental in the Montreal region.

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