Develop your yard with Recybac

As we saw previously, spring is the perfect season for maintaining your home and doing a major cleaning. It’s also the perfect season for landscaping your flowerbeds, your yard and your vegetable garden. here's how rent a container Recybac can help you in these cases.

Building a new patio

Without additional treatment, treated wood has a lifespan of approximately 25 years. However, if exposed to extreme conditions, wood can rot in as little as ten years. If your wooden patio shows signs of advanced deterioration, it might be time to replace it. If you are not an expert in patio construction, you can hire a contractor. However, to save costs, you can let go of your old self. To do this, rent a container Recybac to quickly and easily dispose of wood and other building materials.

Rearrangement of flower beds around the house

Did you know you can throw dirt, sand and rocks inside a Recybac container? If you want to rearrange your flowerbeds, consider renting one! You will be able to get rid of everything that no longer serves you in order to create the landscaping of your dreams. The same goes for your vegetable garden: you can remove the grass where you want to plant it and throw the excess into the Recybac container.

Renovation of your garage entrance

It doesn't matter if your garage entrance is made of stone, brick or asphalt, if it begins to be damaged, you should consider rebuilding it. When you demolish your old one, you can throw the debris into a Recybac container.

By opting for Recybac, you guarantee yourself unprecedented peace of mind knowing that your construction debris is in the hands of professionals who care about the quality of their work and the environment. We take care of sorting everything you throw into the container ourselves in order to recover them as much as possible.

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