Whether you’re an individual or a professional, the rental price for a recycling container depends on many aspects. You can quickly get lost among the various providers and quotes offered online. Here is a little guide to help you find the right price for renting a dumpster to get rid of your construction or renovation waste and debris.

Average dumpster rental price according to duration

The rental price for your container obviously depends on the duration of use. Rental periods vary according to the dumpster company and can range from a daily rental to a monthly package. The longer you need it, the higher the bill will be.

Dumpster rental companies usually offer a weekly rate. For example, for a 10-yard container filled with construction materials without the addition of hazardous materials, the price ranges from $475 to $865 + taxes per week.

If you want to rent the dumpster for a few extra days, the cost increases $15 + taxes per additional day.

Average dumpster rental price according to size

It’s important to properly determine the size of the container you need. This task isn’t always easy when you’re an individual who wants to rent a dumpster. Recycling container rental companies usually offer a range of sizes when it comes to getting rid of mixed, construction, or renovation materials.

Here is an example of dumpster rental prices for one week for construction and renovation materials (wood, wool, plastic, asbestos, etc.):

Price for rental of construction waste containers depending on size
Container size Volume of materials Price
10 yards contains 1 ton of materials between 475$ and 865$ + taxes
14 yards contains 1.5 tonnes of materials between 555$ and 865$ + taxes
20 yards contains 3 tons of materials between 675$ and 865$ + taxes

Average dumpster rental price according to the type of material

The nature and the variety of the materials that you need to get rid of greatly influence the dumpster rental price. The use of recycling dumpsters generally concerns debris from conventional construction or demolition projects—that is, wood, siding, plant waste, foam, flooring materials, or small household appliances.

Here is an example of rental prices for a 10-yard dumpster (which can contain up to 7 tons) according to the type of material in the Montreal area:

Price for rental of construction waste containers depending on the type of materials
Type of materials Price
Asphalt 495$ + taxes
Concrete 545$ + taxes
Earth 495$ + taxes
Brick and mortar 545$ + taxes


What are the other factors affecting dumpster rental costs?

Recycling dumpster rental isn’t limited to a predetermined package, nor to the size of your container or the types of waste you want to get rid of. Other important factors should be taken into account before renting your recycling dumpster. There are a few points to verify before renting a dumpster, which is why you should consider speaking with your service provider before drawing up a rental quote.

Additional fee for unnecessary travel

Many companies charge additional fees in case of unnecessary travel. The rate may range from $95 to $145 on average, according to the company. Be sure of your needs and the travel date before renting your dumpster.

Average price in case of excess weight

The maximum weight generally authorized is seven tons per container. If this is exceeded, additional transport costs apply:

  • For mixed construction materials (wood, wool, plastic, etc.): $145 per additional tonne charged on a pro rata basis

Handling of hazardous materials

When it comes to recycling, not all waste is equal. Some is considered hazardous or prohibited waste, while other larger materials take up more space in your dumpster:

  • Among the prohibited items, we generally find computers, batteries, automotive fluids, pesticides, air conditioners, refrigerators, or contaminated products
  • While they are not specifically prohibited, tires, mattresses, or large appliances may result in a surcharge

It is therefore important to know the list of materials that are accepted or prohibited by your provider. They will provide you with a guide to the additional costs incurred by hazardous waste. Attention: the additional costs are not negligible if waste is loaded into the recycling dumpster. The average price is  $25 to $100 depending on the type of material.

Consider checking the availability

It’s possible that local providers don’t have recycling dumpsters in all dimensions. While 10- to 20-yard dumpsters are usually available in residential areas, industrial areas may be limited to renting large dumpsters.

Although the costs of delivering the dumpster to your home are included in the quote, a surcharge may apply in the event of long-distance travel. It is therefore important to check the availability with the local branches of the company with which you are doing business.

It may therefore be worthwhile to call on a company that can travel in a wide perimeter around the greater Montreal area.

Trust Recybac for dumpster rental in Montreal and the surrounding area

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