Fall, renovation season

If you're planning to renovate this fall, remember that you're not alone. In fact, nearly 50 % Quebecers decide to do theirs during the fall. Consequently, the coming months will be favorable for dumpster rental services!

Here are the most popular renovations that Quebecers decide to do in the fall.

Roof repair

To prepare for the cold season, many people want to change the asphalt shingles on the roof of their house before the first snow falls. Indeed, if you notice wear on your roof, it is wise to change them in order to improve the insulation of the house and avoid water infiltration which can damage the building. If you undertake the repair yourself, rent a Recybac container!

Installing new doors and windows

It is often during the first cold nights of September and October that we notice the gaps in the insulation of doors and windows. Therefore, it is also during this season that we decide to change them to avoid paying too much for electricity during the winter. Although changing your doors and windows is a delicate operation that requires the expertise of a professional, some owners want to undertake the work themselves. If this is your case, you can rent a 10-yard Recybac container to dispose of construction debris in an environmentally friendly way.

Kitchen renovation

As we spend more time inside the house during the cold season, one of the most popular fall renovations is a kitchen remodel. Indeed, in order to prepare good comforting dishes and impress visitors during the holiday season, a new kitchen is a great ally! Nowadays, there are several easy and inexpensive solutions for renovating your kitchen. Modular kitchens are good examples of this, because they allow you to arrange the room as you wish thanks to easy-to-install prefabricated modules. When demolishing your old kitchen, rent a Recybac container!

Bathroom renovation

Because taking a nice hot bath is so comforting during the winter, many people will decide to give their bathroom a second life. When the latter is of good size, the possibilities are multiple. Among the most popular renovations, we find the installation of a whirlpool bath or a separate shower. Certain aesthetic renovations, such as changing the ceramic flooring, are also popular during the fall.

Regardless of the nature and scale of your renovation projects, you can count on the Recybac container rental service to support you in all your efforts. Call us today to get rid of your construction debris quickly, efficiently and environmentally.

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