Even more renovation ideas for fall

Last month, we brought you home renovation ideas that work well in the fall. Today, we present to you other renovations that will allow you to spend the winter warm at home. To help you, don't forget to rent your container Recybac!

Renovating your home

Year after year, it seems that the regulations regarding wood fireplaces are gradually tightening in Montreal and its suburbs, and that's without counting the increase in insurance premiums that comes with it. As a result, many people think about sealing their chimney. However, there are several possible options… plus, they are environmentally friendly.

One of these options is the natural gas or propane fireplace. Installed by a professional, it offers several advantages. For example, most fireplaces are not just decorative: they are a real source of additional heat. In addition, they are easy to remove and the flame does not create residue: so you do not have to sweep the chimney. The natural gas fireplace, however, requires connection to the Gaz Métro network, while the propane fireplace only requires the installation of a propane tank outside the property.

Electric fireplaces are also a popular option with homeowners. Their main advantage is that they do not require the installation of a chimney and it can be fitted into a niche that is created on a wall. This therefore creates almost no construction debris: you probably won't have to rent a container.

Installing a gas or propane stove

If you have purchased a gas or propane fireplace, you will probably want to add a gas inlet to the kitchen. This way, you can eventually install a gas or propane stove. These are, according to many, more efficient than traditional electric stoves.

Replacing the heating system

Fall is the best time to check if your current heating system is still adequate for the harsh winter that is coming. Indeed, old furnaces, for example, often consume more energy than new ones. In addition, electric convector systems are also more economical than traditional baseboards. However, if you are looking to save your energy costs, you can change the heating system. To get rid of your old one, you can rent a Recybac container.

If you're really looking to save money, you can also install solar panels on your roof. The latter, who accumulate energy during the day, release their surplus into the Hydro-Québec network, which allows them to obtain a credit on their electricity bill. In addition, this type of renovation is eligible for credit Ecorenov. On the other hand, before installing panels on your roof, consider changing the shingles if they are damaged. Finally, don't hesitate to change the covering your kitchen floor.

Don't forget to rent a container!

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