For your next renovations, think hiving!

If your house is of a certain age, it is possible to increase its value considerably by carrying out certain renovations. However, to maximize the potential of your investment, it is necessary to make ones that follow the most popular interior design trends. Gold, there trend par excellence these days is the winter which, unlike cocooning, highlights the openness of the rooms and gives the home an inviting and modern look. What are you waiting for? Do it dumpster rental Recybac and maximize the potential of your home!

From cocooning to hiving

Most of the houses in the Montreal region, particularly those in the suburbs, were built between the 1930s and 1990s. However, during this period, which was marked by the Second World War and the Cold War, houses played the role of nest or cocoon. The rooms were therefore small and closed. The kitchen, in particular, was not highlighted and guests were welcomed in the living room or dining room.

Nowadays, the trend has changed: with the price of houses and condos rising, architects must maximize the potential of each room in the house. By opening up spaces, it is possible to create an impressive effect of size in very small spaces.

Put your house in winter

You don't have to have a condo or loft to open up the spaces. With the help of plans from an architect or interior designer, it's easy to get rid of unnecessary walls and give your home a welcoming sense of grandeur. Before starting work, it is recommended to rent a Recybac container, because, as the exercise requires demolition, you will need an effective way to get rid of your construction waste.

Parts to open

When we want to move from cocooning At winter, the rooms that we want to open up are the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. In this way, you create a single large main room that is both welcoming and grandiose to accommodate all your guests. In fact, by opening these spaces, we benefit from more space for the dining room table. To compensate for the lack of storage caused by the demolition of the kitchen wall, it is possible to add a kitchen island with storage.

If you still have room in your Recybac container for other construction debris, you can also maximize the potential of your basement. If it is made up of several small storage rooms, you can easily get rid of your stock that you no longer need, open the rooms and benefit from more space to set up a reading corner, a small gym, a pool table , etc.

No matter the scale of your construction and renovation work, trust Recybac for your container rental needs. Our team ensures that you have a container large enough to dispose of all your construction debris with ease and safety.

Happy renovations!

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