Spring inspection

It looks like winter and cold weather are well and truly over! Now that spring is here, it is important to inspect your home to prevent and repair damage caused by snow and ice before it gets worse. Here is a list of points to easily inspect yourself. If you have major repairs to carry out, you can count on the containers for rent Recybac.

The gutters

Dead leaves, dirt, ice and snow can clog gutters and interfere with their operation. In addition, a malfunction of the gutter can lead to certain complications, such as leaks in the foundation. It is therefore essential to clean them well in the spring.

Roof condition

Snow and ice buildup can be detrimental to your roof, especially if it hasn't been refinished for a long time. From the ground, with binoculars, it is possible to inspect the shingles: those that are curled up or come loose must be changed. When only a few of them are defective, they can be replaced quickly and easily. However, in certain cases, it is better to repair the entire roof: renting a Recybac container is therefore necessary to dispose of used shingles quickly and easily.

Check the cracks and condition of the caulking

Once the roof is inspected, the condition of the walls, doors and windows must be checked. If the concrete shows signs of deterioration, apply cement. However, if the foundation seems to be abnormally damaged, it is better to call certified professionals to find out the cause of the breakage. Next, check the caulking around windows and doors. If it is damaged and cracked, it must be changed to avoid water infiltration which risks leaving mold.

By checking these three points every spring, you will be able to maximize the lifespan of your home while protecting it from water infiltration which can be costly. For all your major renovation work, rent a Recybac container for courteous, fast and professional service in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore.

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