Recybac containers – essential for improving construction site safety

Did you know that the CSST required contractors to maintain premises on the construction site? In other words, it is your job to make sure the job site is clean. Indeed, picking yourself up is not only a question of good manners – it is also a question of safety. Here's how Recybac containers can help you make your construction site safer.

A question of common sense!

According to the guide Residential construction sites: main safety rules of the Occupational Health and Safety Commission (CSST), amateur and professional entrepreneurs must ensure:

  • That waste and debris be collected as they go;
  • That stairs and passages are clear at all times;
  • That unused wires and tools should be put away.

Every year, several people are injured due to poorly collected debris. Rubbish lying on scaffolding and on a roof risks falling and injuring those below. In narrow passages and on stairs, it is very easy to trip over debris lying on the ground.

In short, good housekeeping is essential and it is imperative to throw away waste as it goes. However, by doing dumpster rental Recybac will make it easy to get rid of your debris easily. If you don't have the necessary manpower, our team can take care of it for you. They will make sure all debris is collected.

By choosing to rent a Recybac container, you do not need to take your unused materials to the sorting center. You therefore save time and money and ensure that your debris will be recycled properly.

Safety first and foremost! Contact Recybac today to make your site even safer.

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