Are you looking for a solution to sort large amounts of waste and residual materials? Recybac offers exceptional dumpster rental service in Laval for businesses and individuals. By calling on our team, you enjoy:

  • A wide selection of dumpsters available in all sizes (up to 20 cubic yards);
  • Installation and delivery service available Monday to Friday from 5 am to 8:30 pm;
  • Great flexibility in terms of the rental period of your dumpsters;
  • The possibility to reserve your product 7 days a week;
  • Attractive rates.

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6am to 8pm everyday

Please note that you can make an online order anytime.

About our dumpster rental company in Laval

For many years, Recybac has positioned itself as a leader in dumpster rental. We offer a dumpster rental solution in Laval that is tailored to your needs and your budget. Our containers are also available in all sizes, so you will easily find the ones that match what you’re looking for.

Our service is aimed at industrial companies and those specializing in the construction field, as well as individuals. If you’re moving or doing major renovation work at home, we offer you a solution to sort your waste that is tailored to your needs.

We accept these dry materials:

  • Wood;
  • Glass;
  • Brick;
  • Roof shingles;
  • Soil;
  • Metals;
  • Concrete;
  • Household appliances;
  • Stone;
  • Plastic;
  • Drywall.

We reject these construction materials:

  • Propane tanks;
  • Contaminated soil;
  • Tires;
  • Railway ties;
  • Chemicals.

Why trust Recybac?

Since its founding, Recybac has specialized in dumpster rental. Our mission is to offer you incomparable service that will live up to your expectations. To sort your waste efficiently and safely, the solution is Recybac.

We offer customized, turnkey dumpster rental service in Laval. Our know-how and expertise have made us the best company in town. You just have to contact us to discuss your needs, and we will deliver your containers to you as soon as possible.

We take care of the installation and removal of your dumpster. You choose the rental period of your containers according to your needs. Once you’ve finished filling up your dumpster, you just have to call us. Your waste will then be sent directly to a sorting centre.

If you need dumpster rental service in Laval, contact us now. We will listen to you and offer you the service that matches your expectations. We also offer our dumpster rental service on the North Shore, the South Shore, and the greater Montreal area.

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