Recybac: the television star

You have surely seen the Recybac containers somewhere on television, whether on the show SOS Proprios broadcast on TVA or on the show Manon, my cooking and me on the airwaves of Canal Vie. They look great, don't they? But have you wondered why they are so in demand in the media world? Here are 4 good reasons!

1. The price

Recybac offers its customers very advantageous prices. Whether you are an amateur contractor or a renovation professional, we have the right container rental package to meet everyone's needs.

2. The service

The Recybac service, without bragging, is one of the most efficient in Quebec. Our flexible schedules work well with the schedules of our diverse clients, whether they are seasoned entrepreneurs or film set directors. Our service allows them to manage unforeseen events with greater malleability while allowing them to concentrate on filming their show. The Recybac service is, first and foremost, a hassle-free service!

3. Respect for the environment

Recybac has great respect for the environment. In fact, the materials thrown into the container do not go to the landfill: they are sorted manually by our conscientious team in the ecocenters of the city of Montreal. However, when producers look for a container rental company, they know that they can trust Recybac's strict environmental policy.

4. The turnkey service

Recybac is one of the few container rental companies to offer a turnkey pickup service. With this luxury service, our team will ensure the cleanliness of the site by taking care of the collection of waste. However, when you have to film a show, it is important that the site is clean. This is why VAT and Canal Vie trusted Recybac to ensure waste management on the site.

If you too want to trust Recybac, call us today!

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