Recybac®, the tailor-made solution for your construction waste

Recybac® is the leader in container rental in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and the metropolitan area (South Shore and North Shore). We are at the service of individuals and contractors for the evacuation of waste and materials from construction, renovation or demolition sites.

For the sake of the environment, we then send waste and materials to sorting centers to optimize their recycling and revalorization.

Our advantages

  • Reliable, fast service, courteous and professional staff
  • Qualified and experienced drivers
  • Large fleet of containers available, in various volumes
  • Very fast turnaround times for container installation and removal
  • Flexible rental duration (short, medium or long term)
  • Competitive rates



Guillaume Tetreault, President

He is me and I am everywhere. One day I’m giving training in a truck, the other day I’m answering the phone. A little accounting here, a little management there. In short, I take care of a little bit of everything and I am always available to help this beautiful company evolve. Thank you to the entire RECYBAC team.


Jean-guy Tétreault, Call Reception

This young man is Jean-guy. He is also my dear father. If you call us, in theory he will answer you. He is always ready to welcome you and listen to your questions. He will always do his best to meet your needs. In short, you can count on him. Thanks pops!


Francois Gagnon, The right arm, left arm and vice president

Since the very beginning of the company, Francois has proven his loyalty and dedication to Recybac. He is THE GUY you can trust. He is always ready to give his 110% for the team and the company. His main job is to dispatch the drivers and ensure that deliveries and pick-ups run smoothly. Thank you Francois!


Benoit Gagnon, Certified Driver

Benoit is THE driver with the most experience with the Recybac team. He has been with us since the very beginning. He is reliable, extremely competent and always eager to satisfy our ever-growing clientele. He is very friendly except at 5:30 in the morning :). Thank you Benoit!


Stephen Flageol, The Specialist

He is the most difficult guy to describe because he is so special. Let’s just say he’s a super good jack who is always ready for the perfect line. He has his hand on his heart. Employed at Recybac since 2018, Stephen will undoubtedly put a smile on your face one of these 4. Thank you Stephen!


Humberto Ibarra, the Cuban

Humberto is such a nice guy. Employed by Recybac since 2019, this guy is reliable x 1000, always polite and courteous, he will drop off your container exactly where you want it. Thank you Humberto!


Yvon Saulnier, exceptional truck driver.

Ahhh this Yvon, if he didn’t exist we would have to invent him… A super friendly guy, always with a smile on his face, he will be happy to serve you and will probably even make you laugh a little. He is very proud to be a Recybac employee and we are proud to have him on the team. Thanks Yvon!


Nicholas Latour, The Seasonalist

Nicholas, so nice. Reliable and very competent, Nicholas will deliver your container to the right place. He is an avid field hockey fan and in the winter he takes advantage of the opportunity to live his passion by refereeing field hockey games. You will therefore only see it in high season. Thank you Nicholas!


Noemie Lamouche, billing specialist

Always smiling, Noémie is the resource person for the billing side. She is a very pleasant person and is very professional. She is also Francois’ spouse. Finally, Recybac is a family story. Thank you Noémie!


Éric Gamelin

At Recybac since 2023, Eric is smiling, always in a good mood and offers a quality service to our customers. Thank you Eric for your good work.


Patrice Lemaire, Driver

Patrice is a very calm, friendly and professional person. He has been with Recybac since 2023 as an evening driver. We are confident that Patrice will give you a courteous and professional service. Thank you.


Martin Lavallée, Driver

Martin has been with Recybac since 2023 and we are very happy to have him back on the Recybac team. Martin is an experienced driver and will give you an excellent service. Have a good season Martin!


Try it out.

This person is a prospective Recybac member. We are currently evaluating their skills to ensure that they have what it takes to serve you in the best possible way. You deserve it. Thanks to you future team member!

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