Container rental

Our containers are suitable for all types of residential projects: clearing of bulky waste, major house-cleaning, earthwork and landscaping, home or cottage improvement, re-roofing, demolition, etc.

Recybac location de conteneurs

If you are doing the earthwork and the landscaping of your property, this container may be for you. Call us, we will guide you to choose the most appropriate container for you.

Dimension of the container:
10′ x 7′ x 4′

Recybac location de conteneurs

If you are doing a major house-cleaning, emptying the garage, or renovating a bathroom, this container should be suitable. Let us advise you.

Dimension of the container:
11′ x 7′ x 5′

Recybac location de conteneurs

You are undertaking some renovation work at the house or cottage? Depending on the nature of the work, it is possible that this container is just what you need.

Call us, we will guide you to choose the most appropriate container for you.

Dimension of the container:
12′ x 8′ x 5′

Recybac location de conteneurs

A full room to renovate and a lot of materials to eliminate? This container may be the best thing to keep your job site clean and free. Our team knows when the time comes to assess the container needs of a job site. Contact us for more information.

Dimension of the container:
14′ x 8′ x 5′

Recybac location de conteneurs

Our biggest container is the one that is suitable for the largest demolition work. For all large-scale projects, this container is essential. Book it right now.

Dimension of the container:
20′ x 8′ x 7′

Rental procedure

Online or phone reservation.

Safe payment through credit card.

Container delivery at your home or on the job site, we make sure that the ground will not be damaged.

You fill up the container on a 1 to 10 days period.


We wait until you load up the container (1 hours waiting time).

You call us to authorize the pick up.

We come get the container in the shortest time.

We get rid of the materials in a safe and ecologic way.

As simple as that !

Reliable, fast, courteous and
professional service

You are undertaking works and do not know what to do with the waste and debris that you produce on your job site? Renting a Recybac® container is the SIMPLEST, CLEANEST, GREENEST and most EFFECTIVE way to get rid of them. On a simple booking and at a competitive rate, we will deliver within 24 hours a container suitable for your needs and at the location of your choice.

We will come back to pick it up when you are done filling it; your waste will then be transported to a sorting center to be recycled and revalued. It’s as simple as that!

Recybac location de conteneurs

List of accepted materials:


Roof shingles





Domestic appliances

Dry walls




We don’t accept:

Propane tanks

Chemical products
(e.g.: oil or paint)


Railroad ties

Contaminated earth

No worry, nor mess!

Our qualified drivers and our advanced equipment bypass most obstacles (trees, sheds, swimming pools) as well as difficult terrains (tight, uneven spaces). Your container will be installed at the place that will ensure the best safety and optimum performance of your job site. Our experienced team will take all possible measures to prevent damage to the ground during the installation or removal of the containers.

Call now and we will guide you in choosing the most appropriate container for your work.

Areas served

Montreal | South-Shore | North-Shore

Recybac Container rental Montreal| South-Shore | North-Shore

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